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802.11b/g Outdoor Amplifier

2.4GHz Outdoor Amplifier for 802.11b/g Devices
The Outdoor Amplifier OAPC-24 can be used as an
outdoor (or indoor) signal booster to enhance the performance of 2.4Ghz ISM band radios. In particular, the Outdoor Amplifier is most useful in enhancing Point to Point (P2P) bridge links and Point to Multi-Point (P2MP) Wireless ISP networks.
802.11b/g Outdoor Amplifier
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This product uses Time Division Duplex (TDD)
technology designed for the high power 2.4GHz ISM
band which includes WLAN, Bluetooth, P2P systems
to enhance the coverage and stabilize the transmission data rate of Direct Sequence Spread
Spectrum (DSSS) in indoor and outdoor applications,
such as 802.11b, 802.11b+, 802.11g.

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Power Supply

For Tx, the amplifier uses a high-power, high-efficiency, linear amplifier MMIC which is manufactured on an advanced Gallium Arsenide Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) process to get low current consumption and better heat effect. The amplifier also provides a power limitation function to prevent illegal radiation. In WLAN applications, it produces a continuous output power level of 1000 mW under the 802.11b spectral mask, 7V@650mA. For Rx, we use a low noise amplifier to provide a more dynamic receiving level and improve the quality of the weak signal.
Why would I want an Outdoor Amplifier?

FCC NOTICE: To comply with FCC part 15 rules in the United States, the SB24 Signal Booster must only be used in systems that have been FCC certified. The system must also be professionally installed to ensure compliance with the Part 15 certification. It is the responsibility of the operator and professional installer to ensure that only certified systems are deployed in the United States. The use of the converter in any other combination (such as co-located antennas transmitting the same information) is expressly forbidden in accordance with FCC rules CFR47 Part 15.204. Contact our sales department to learn more about our systems certified by the FCC

Amplifier and DC Injector



Absolute Maximum Ratings

Available Connectors


Electrical Characteristics @ 25°C
Model Number OAPC-24
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
RX Max. Input Pwr (dBm) -10 dBm
RX Max. Pwr Gain (dBm) 20 dB max.
TX Max. Linear Output 1 W / 30 dBm max.
TX Max. Input Pwr (dBm) +5 dBm ~ +20 dBm
Signal Type DSSS
TR Switch Time < 1µsec
Power Consumption DC 12V 700mA max.
Diagnosis LED PWR @ Green || TX @ Red || RX @ Yellow
RF Connector Type 2 x N-Type Female on Amplifier
2 x N-Type Female on DC Injector
Operating Temperature -30 ~ +70 °C
Size - L*W*H 72mm * 35mm * 22mm
(not including connectors)
Weight 120 g
(not including connectors)


(NOTE: To avoid damage, ensure that the Outdoor Amplifier has an Antenna attached *BEFORE* any power is applied to the Amplifier!)

Step 1.  Connect external Antenna to OAPC-24
Step 2.  Connect OAPC-24 to the DC Power Injector
Step 3.  Connect Access Point (AP), Client Bridge, or Wireless Router to DC Injector
Step 4.  Connect power supply to DC Injector and apply power
Step 5.  Apply power to AP, Client Bridge, or Wireless Router

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1 Watt 2.4Ghz Outdoor Amplifier w/ Power over Coax